Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Pain in Working Class Newbie

Oh man, when was the last time from my last post?

2009 is going to end soon, and I have something like this posted here in my blog:

*********** 2009 (2) **************

Do I really want this? I don't know.

I can only blame this on WORK!

As a newbie in working world ain't easy as ABC.

Probably it's myself who couldn't accept the fact that I am no longer a student. Ouch!

Or maybe it's because I can't ponteng work like I used to ponteng class and asked someone to sign for me.

Perhaps I am back to grade 1 again. Everything I do now is all new to me!

A newbie who wants to climb up high, yet to learn and strive and perform, at the same time have to be careful on those unspoken office laws and regulations. This is damn hard weiii~

Life's tough.

Dear dad, I agree with you, money ain't easy to earn. >.<

Let me tell you my emotion pattern thru out a week.

MON: Oh man, this week is still long long to go. Damn, Monday's blue!

TUE: Okay, no much difference than Monday. Tuesday sounds like a foul word in cantonese weiii~

WED: Middle of the week, still 2 days to go. Kill me.

THUR: Near the end of the week. So what? No need to work meh?

FRI: Hate morning. Like evening. Love night time. (She wolf by Shakira is playing!)

SAT: Lalala~ It's a S.A.T.-ur-Day! Superb.All.Time! Not SADDEST DAY!

SUN: The day with lowest aura. Start to mourn for Monday and the rest of the week.

Pathetic right?

Sigh. I'm gonna make some plans. To colour up my dull boring working days.

Some next steps (Gosh, I am using WORKabulary!):

  1. Sign up for gym! (Since it's paid by the company, why not?)

  2. Take up guitar class (My long lost hobby)

  3. Join some crazy and stupid flash mob stunts

  4. Redesign my room (need professional help from my sis, she has ownership of the room too mer)

  5. Partaaaay! (Music: Akon - Sexy bitch)

  6. Read more books

  7. Buy some sexy gadget, life's short, why save?

  8. Meet more people!

  9. Do some ohh la la things that I always wanted to do

  10. Blog more. FB more.

Okie, will review this action plan (another WORKabulary!) one month later.

See how much I have done. *Wink and with my fingers crossed*


  1. Finally your blog is update.....=D

    I like the way you describe the emotion pattern through out a week......LOL

    Take up guitar class?! you guitar corpse in tong sampah lo~

    Redesign my room?! Still have the space to design? Hmmmm...I don't think so.....

    Let's party sis! LOL

  2. Yeah, let's go clubbing when you are back! ^o^

    Erm, that's why I said I need professional help from you to redesign the room weiii! :)