Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Pain in Working Class Newbie

Oh man, when was the last time from my last post?

2009 is going to end soon, and I have something like this posted here in my blog:

*********** 2009 (2) **************

Do I really want this? I don't know.

I can only blame this on WORK!

As a newbie in working world ain't easy as ABC.

Probably it's myself who couldn't accept the fact that I am no longer a student. Ouch!

Or maybe it's because I can't ponteng work like I used to ponteng class and asked someone to sign for me.

Perhaps I am back to grade 1 again. Everything I do now is all new to me!

A newbie who wants to climb up high, yet to learn and strive and perform, at the same time have to be careful on those unspoken office laws and regulations. This is damn hard weiii~

Life's tough.

Dear dad, I agree with you, money ain't easy to earn. >.<

Let me tell you my emotion pattern thru out a week.

MON: Oh man, this week is still long long to go. Damn, Monday's blue!

TUE: Okay, no much difference than Monday. Tuesday sounds like a foul word in cantonese weiii~

WED: Middle of the week, still 2 days to go. Kill me.

THUR: Near the end of the week. So what? No need to work meh?

FRI: Hate morning. Like evening. Love night time. (She wolf by Shakira is playing!)

SAT: Lalala~ It's a S.A.T.-ur-Day! Superb.All.Time! Not SADDEST DAY!

SUN: The day with lowest aura. Start to mourn for Monday and the rest of the week.

Pathetic right?

Sigh. I'm gonna make some plans. To colour up my dull boring working days.

Some next steps (Gosh, I am using WORKabulary!):

  1. Sign up for gym! (Since it's paid by the company, why not?)

  2. Take up guitar class (My long lost hobby)

  3. Join some crazy and stupid flash mob stunts

  4. Redesign my room (need professional help from my sis, she has ownership of the room too mer)

  5. Partaaaay! (Music: Akon - Sexy bitch)

  6. Read more books

  7. Buy some sexy gadget, life's short, why save?

  8. Meet more people!

  9. Do some ohh la la things that I always wanted to do

  10. Blog more. FB more.

Okie, will review this action plan (another WORKabulary!) one month later.

See how much I have done. *Wink and with my fingers crossed*

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wagashi 和菓子

Few years ago, I received an email with some beautiful dessert pictures attached.
That's how I started to fall in love with wagashi 和菓子.
I even set those pictures as my desktop wallpaper. Hehe.

I compiled all the pictures attached with the email into 2 master pictures.

The whole piece of wagashi.

Cut open wagashi.

From Wikipedia:
Wagashi is a traditional Japanese confectionery which is often served with tea (very bitter tea), especially the types made of mochi, azuki bean paste, and fruits.

From another website:
Wagashi are traditional Japanese confections that evolved into an art form in the ancient Imperial capital, Kyoto. The character pronounced 'wa' denotes things Japanese, while the characters for 'gashi', an alliteration of kashi, have come to mean confections.

My own words:
Wagashi is those wickedly yet sinfully traditional Japanese dessert, which is crafted so beautifully that you can't even allow yourself to put it into your mouth. Oh yeah, it's extremely sweet!

The first picture you will get when you google 'wagashi'.

Wagashi named dango. Basically it's a small, sticky sweet mochi, commonly skewered on a stick.

Assorted types of wagashi. It breaks your heart when you chew them in your mouth.

Cute wagashi for kids.

Yeah. They are wagashi too. Not those gummy bear your found in your hypermarket.

Me personally have tried a wagashi before.

The outer packaging~

And tada~ a cute little chicky wagashi!
One word to describe the taste after trying it -----> SWEET!!!!!

Seriously, it is sweet enough to make me headache!
I couldn't finish even that 1 piece.
So I shared that wagashi with mr. tong sampah. T.T

Wokay, more nice wagashi pictures...

Colourful wagashi. Awww~

Looks like small little pumpkins.

Wagashi for their 女儿节. Direct translation --> Daughter's Day. Lol.

Konyaku wagashi
Wagashi which are not edible. Why? This one is rubber larrr.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tik Tik Tok Tok About Banana

I know the very first post can choose not to be like this. THIS is so old school! Yeah, literary the real school I mean!

Definition, by definition bla bla bla.

But I found all these definitions about banana are kinda interesting!

I even made sentences like what we usually did in elementary school.

ba·na·na /bə-ˈna-nə/ noun
1. an elongated usually tapering tropical fruit with soft pulpy flesh enclosed in a soft usually yellow rind
2. chinese who can't speak english, commonly used in Malaysia and Singapore
eg: Banana is my favorite fruit. or. TheanSeng is a banana.

ba·na·nas /bə-ˈna-nəz/ adjective
1. crazy or silly
2. go bananas become very angry or excited
eg: When Wiwi, a banana, goes banana, he can be really banana. So banana he is.

banana pepper/ noun
a long tapered yellow pepper occurring in several varieties from mild and sweet tasting to hot and pungent
eg: Imran ate banana pepper, he sneezed and farted immediately.

banana republic/ noun
an insulting word for a small poor country with weak government that depends on financial help from abroad
eg: I am sure Malaysia isn't a banana republic because you can actually find expensive Banana Republic apparel there in the country.

banana seat/ noun
an elongated bicycle saddle
eg: Imran terhentam his ball on banana seat. His ball is dented now. Poor ball.

banana skin/ noun
an embarrassing mistake made by someone in a public position, especially a politician or someone in a government
eg: none (don't want enter ISA hotels)

banana split/ noun
a sweet dish with bananas and ice-cream
eg: SinMei is as sweet as banana-split.

second banana/ noun
a comedian who plays a supporting role to a top banana ; broadly : a person in a subservient position

top banana/ noun
Etymology: from a burlesque routine involving three comedians in which the one that gets the punch line also gets a banana
the leading comedian in a burlesque show

Banana River/ noun
lagoon E Florida between Canaveral Peninsula & Merritt Island
eg: You can't find any banana when you swim in Banana River.

Okay, done with those noble banana definitions. *nod nod*

Now we have:

Pictures of BANANAs~

A comb of bananaA peeled banana

Hanging bananas

Gangster banana

Splashing banana

Lego banana

Daisy banana

Banana packaging

Monkey painting on banana

Banana baby??!

Hot banana

Erm, flat banana?

My personal favorite! Super banana!

Aren't bananas AWESOME? ^^